Production process of the extravirgin olive oil Conte

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PROCESS: Olives are picked up from trees and then stocked in boxes.

DEFOLIATION: The leaves are removed by an aspirator and then the olives are cleaned by a washing machine.

WASHING: Olives are washed in water.

MILLING: Olives are crushed.

KNEADING: The olive paste falls in a container where it is stirred for an average of 30 minutes. The temperature inside the container is kept under 27°C as indicated in the law standards for extra virgin olive oil.

OLIVE OIL EXTRACTION: The olive paste is sent into the decanter where olive oil is separated by density from water, pits and the rest of the paste.

REST The oil obtained in this way rests in order to allow a natural sedimenting process. In this way it is not necessary another filtering process.

BOTTLING: The bottles are filled with olive oil and then sealed.

PACKAGING AND TRANSPORTATION Transported by international courier.

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